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Christmas talk already??

So last Wednesday I was booked to perform in Manchester at Be At One Cocktail bar for their Christmas showcase.

You may be thinking that its way too early to be thinking about Christmas, however we are only 103 days away at the time of writing this! It will soon be here!

Be At One is the perfect venue if you are looking at having a Christmas party in Manchester. With lots of space both upstairs and downstairs, a relaxed vibe, excellent service and close to both parking and train stations its definitely worth a look.

I have been a regular performer at Christmas parties and it’s a great way to engage with staff, add something extra special and make it a night to remember!

I have always found Christmas parties the perfect place to perform. Its amazing how cagey people can be away from work and so it’s nice to have something that will not only be something everyone will enjoy, but it creates reactions, brings people out of their shell and really kicks starts the party! Let’s face it, nobody wants a dull party talking about work all night, you want everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves!

So, if you want to book for your Christmas party, get in touch and make it a party to remember!

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