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An inspiration to us all

In 2018 I remember reading a post on social media that Revolution in Wigan were looking for a Close-Up Magician for one of their events. I immediately got in touch and was told there had been a few other Magicians interested and that they had invited them to go in and demonstrate their skills. I was asked to pop in and show them what I could do.

You can imagine my excitement at this, and I happily travelled down to meet the staff and showcase my skills. I received a warm welcome from the team and had so much fun entertaining them that an hour suddenly passed with all of us laughing and just having a good time.

I was invited to show Chris who is the manager of the bar what I could do but I was told he was very sceptical and didn’t believe in Magic. Of course, when this is the case, I knew I had to pull something rather special out of the bag! I asked to borrow a bank note and asked him to sign his name on it. After successfully making it vanish (the relief!) we all discovered that it was revealed to be trapped inside of a lemon sat on the bar! This was the beginning of my journey with Revolution, and I am proud and honoured to say I got the booking!!

During one of my performances at Revolution, I was asked by Chris if I would attend a birthday party for his daughter who was rather poorly. Katie was suffering with aggressive cancer and was battling hard through gruelling treatment, and it was agreed that Magic may just help cheer her up a little and help make her party even more special and memorable. I was delighted to be asked and really couldn’t wait to meet Katie. For anyone going through such treatment is bad enough but for a young child it’s heart-breaking to see.

When I met Katie, I could see just how poorly she was. I can’t even begin to imagine what she was going through, and I didn’t know if she even had the energy to watch me perform. However, watching her smile as I performed and seeing her enjoy what I did was amazing! Katie’s family told me how she hadn’t smiled in so long and so it was a great success!!!

Fast forward 5 years, Chris got in touch and asked me to attend another one of Katie’s birthdays, however this was different. Katie was no longer in a wheelchair, no longer zapped of energy and no longer feeling poorly from the treatment she had endured. Instead, Katie was smiling, wandering around talking to all her friends and family who had come out to join in the celebrations, but more importantly, Katie is cancer free.

There was a touching video showing some of the many slides during her treatment at Alder Hay Hospital, pictures of me performing for her and even a video from Ed Sheeran wishing her well.

I am truly lucky to perform at so many celebrations for young and old but there is nothing more inspiring than seeing someone fight hard and regain full health after such a long battle and such horrendous treatment.

Not only that but seeing the closeness, the love and the togetherness of Katie and her family and all her friends is just amazing! I know the future is going to be super bright for Katie and to see her do so well and look so happy and healthy is refreshing and inspiring.

Congratulations Katie, you are an inspiration to us all.

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