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Jason remains in demand and one of the most popular wedding entertainers in the UK. 

Jason has been booked for hundreds of weddings ensuring your big day is still a talking point long after it has ended. Jason adds that extra ‘touch of magic’ to the biggest day of your life. 


Close-Up magic is suited to any wedding celebration. Jason will  effortlessly engage with guests, mix and mingle and perform magic effects that will confuse and delight, whether young or old. 


From making signed cards appear in impossible locations, producing smoke from his bare hands and producing objects from fire, it is this elite level of performance that has won Jason 'Magician of the Year' on two separate occasions and which booked Jason’s place into the F.I.S.M world championships for his preforming excellence. 


knowledge, experience  and the expertise is vital to have on your big day. You want your guests to be enjoying every minute and with Jason part of your big day, it guarantees to be a day like no other


“Jason is a phenomenal talent in magic. We had the pleasure of Jason at our wedding and some of the magic we witnessed from him left myself and our guests astounded"


“Thank you so much for entertaining us and our guests at our wedding this week. 
We’ve been inundated with praise about you, your amazing magic and personality from everyone who attended. Our guests are still talking about you!

Daniel Crehan

Make your day Magic

Jason performs between 100-150 weddings per year right across the UK and he still remains the number one choice for wedding entertainment.


Entertainment on your special day needs to be carefully selected and perfectly executed. After all, you want memorable, exciting moments to be enjoyed and cherished forever and to leave all your guests remembering your big day for being the best.


Jason takes great pride in performing at every wedding. From small intimate gatherings to larger wedding parties. No wedding is too big or too small and it is a thrill for Jason to be invited to perform, showcase his skills, delight, engage and entertain on your wedding day.


Adding close-up magic to your wedding day and booking Jason ensures that you are booking the Number One Magician and guarantees you and all your guests will be entertained with the finest magic available.


Please see below our wedding packages available and feel free to contact Jason Rea Magic for further information or to check availability.

During Photographs

Option 1

So your wedding ceremony has ended and you are married! Congratulations! 

The champagne starts to flow as all guests gather at the reception ready to continue the celebrations with you.

As drinks and canopies are served, your photographer will begin with the all important family pictures. 

As guests not directly involved in these pictures wait in the wings, its the perfect opportunity for Jason to mix and mingle, engage with guests, put them at ease and ensure they don't feel left out by performing his award-winning magic.


Its a perfect time to perform and will also allow your photographer to capture some natural pictures of guests having fun and enjoying themselves

Jason typically performs up until all guests are called in to be seated ready for the wedding breakfast to begin.

During the Wedding      Breakfast

Option 2


As guests take their seats ready to enjoy the wedding breakfast and get ready for the all important speeches, food will shortly be served. 

Allowing Jason to perform his elite Close-Up Magic creates a dining experience like no other.

Jason has over 10 years performing experience on table magic, knowing when to perform and when to move on, ensuring he doesn't disrupt the flow of the meal or get in the way of staff serving food.

Especially good for larger wedding parties as guests wait for food, it ensures nobody is left sat waiting for a long period of time. 

Jason's entertainment begins shortly after the couple have been introduced and continues until the start of the coffee/speeches.


During Photographs and the Wedding Breakfast
This combines option 1 and 2 and ensures Jason is able to perform mix and mingle magic during the photographs but also perform table magic during the wedding breakfast up until the coffee/speeches begin.

After the Wedding Breakfast

Option 3

So everyone is still giggling away after the impressive best man speech. There are a few tears both from laughter and emotion after the farther of the bride touching words.

Guests are invited to to relax out in the bar & lounge area or outside as the room is changed around ready for the evenings antics to begin.


It is at this time when your DJ or other evening entertainment such as a live band arrive and start to begin their preparations. 

This is considered to be the biggest lull of day and which tends to be the moment guests need to be perked up ready to get into full party mode. 

Evening guests will start to filter through and so providing everyone with Jason's skills keeps the atmosphere going strong, breaks the ice with all the new arrivals and ensures nobody is left flagging on the side lines.

Jason normally performs up until the first dance however can pause while guests enjoy watching you get whisked off your feet before continuing on

Jason mingles and entertains your guests after the wedding breakfast and as your evening guests start to arrive. 

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