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Option 1

Jason will mix and mingle with your guests as they gather at the reception. Often when photographs are being taken, those who may not be involved are often left waiting around. Allowing Jason to perform his elite close-up Magic ensures guests do not feel left out and will certainly guarantee they are enjoying your day even more,

Option 2

The entertainment begins during the meal as Jason visits each table, amazing you and your guests with his award-winning magic, until the start of the coffee/speeches.


During Photographs and the Wedding Breakfast
This combines option 1 and 2 and ensures Jason is able to perform mix and mingle magic during the photographs but also perform table magic during the wedding breakfast up until the coffee/speeches begin.

Option 3

Jason mingles and entertains your guests after the wedding breakfast and as your evening guests start to arrive.


Often, after the wedding breakfast there can be a room change that takes place and is normally the time when your DJ or other evening entertainment start their own preparations. This therefore leaves that ‘lull’ in the day when guests are often sat waiting around for the evening reception to begin. Having Jason perform will enchant and delight guests, keeping them upbeat, ready to enjoy the evenings antics.

“Wow!! Jason will blow your mind!!”