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The Svengali Deck - Perhaps the most famous trick deck of cards ever created! You will receive the deck and downloadable instructions by Jason Rea. This deck has to be the simplest and most reliable magic deck available. It is a great place to start for any card worker. It continues to amaze audiences every time! Using this deck you show that all of the cards are different, a spectator freely selects a card and then all the cards become that selected card. They are precision cut and finished for the perfect function and performance every time you are ready to go.


* Pro Brand Svengali Decks

* Poker Size

* Red or Blue


54 cards in this deck, which includes one instruction card and one joker.

Svengali Deck

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  • A Note from Jason Rea:


    This was one of the first decks I owned when I really started taking my Magic to the next level. 


    Included with this deck are video instructions by me, treaching you about the deck and all the effects possible to get you perofmring in no time. 


    Dont overlook this deck as the possibilities are truly endless