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Ask yourself this question.  Does your current card to wallet routine allow the following?

A card is selected, signed & put back into the deck. You can now show that the selection has vanished.

You can even count the cards and there are only 51. The wallet has been in full view since before the card was even selected. 

Yet when you open the zipper compartment the chosen card is inside.

Now imagine that whole routine is achieved with absolutely no sleight of hand at all. Yes read that again None, Zero sleight of hand. Not one little bit!!

Jason Rea F1 Wallet

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  • A Note from Jason Rea:


    'Growing up I was in awe of how Magicians could get a signed card inside of a wallet. I always disliked how the wallet could never be on show from the beginning and I wanted a method that would allow the performer to focus on the performance. 


    I came up with the F1 wallet, the fastest card to wallet available. A quality prop that can be learnt very quickly. The method is so easy to perform and will fly by your audience. I have personally performed this at hundreds of gigs and the reaction is always the same. Its a true miracle that can work for any skill level. 


    I have now replaced the DVD with an online video where I take you through the handling, offer more advice and show you how effective this is'