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The Magic of exhibiting

So on Friday I decided to put my name down and exhibit at the Shout joint meeting at Georgian House Hotel in Bolton.

For those that don't know what Shout is, its a friendly, relaxed networking group that I have been a member of for the past year. Networking is key for any business big or small and especially sole traders like myself. You can gain valuable advice, meet like minded people, discuss ideas, problems and even bring on new suppliers into your business.

This year from shout, I discovered Big Hand 4 business who are accountants for small businesses like myself. They offer a great service, look at ways to help your business grow and really provide a personal, professional and reliable service.

Check them out here:

Check out Shout here for more information:

I always like exhibiting at a variety of events whether it be at a wedding fair or networking group, as it gives me a great opportunity to showcase my skills and chat to people about what I do, as well as try and offer a little advice and tips on business. I'm no expert by the way and so all I can do is explain what has worked for me over the years.

Recently I have been talking to businesses about how Magic can be incorporated into company product launches, how it can help attract potential customers to your stand and engage them with an experience like no other.

Let me give you an example:

As we all know, social media is everywhere, everyday more and more businesses are using social media to promote new services and products, but how can a business really create a buzz around their social media and product?

Imagine this..... you show your Instagram feed to potential customers, they can see your products and see all you have been up to. you get them to randomly select one of the images, this is a free choice. They happen to land on the new product you are talking about today. You then pull out the image from your phone!! its a great moment of Magic and also a great keep sake!

Playing cards complete with company logos and messages. A great way to give company details away after a giving potential customers an experience like no other. Lets be honest, personalised pens, mouse mats, keyring and sticky pads arn't exactly memorable, after seeing some mind blowing Magic, you know what will be talked about at the office on their return and what will be shown to all the staff!

Close-Up Magic is so much more than just a few card tricks like most performers offer. I have the experience required, the effects, skill, performing excellence and knowledge to be an asset to your next exhibition.

2020 is all about thinking outside the box, don't settle for the norm and think about how Magic can be an innovative, exciting and a memorable way of leaving a lasting impression for everyone who visits your stand!

Want to discuss how I can help move your next exhibition to the next level? contact me and lets meet for a coffee to discuss ideas, bespoke magic and set you apart from the competition.

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