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Corporate Entertainment

So it’s that time of year again when you have been given the task to organise a fairly important dinner for your company with important clients attending… the pressure is on right?

You want to add something exciting to the evening, you want guests to laugh, feel comfortable and most importantly have an amazing evening, but what can you add to allow for all this to happen? Sure you might decide that a video presentation with some upbeat or inspiring music and an important message, may be a DJ in the hope that everyone has enough to drink that they feel they want to strut their stuff for everyone Centre stage, but what can add interest to the evening, what could make the night really stand out from just another standard function.

The answer is right here, it by booking me to perform my popular Close-Up Magic and add an experience like no other.

But its not just my award winning Magic that people book me for. Apart from pulling borrowed and signed notes from lemons or making items appear from a flash of fire or vanish in a cloud of smoke. It’s for my experience to entertain, to have a good time, to make sure your guests have a good time and to add something extra special and exciting to the evening.

I have been booked by some of the largest companies in the world, been flown to the middle east on several occasions, have held residencies at some of the best football clubs and various venues for over 8 years because of my expertise to perform.

I have been voted Magician of the year, have continued to remain one of the most popular working Magicians and I still to this day strive to give people the very best in Live Close-Up Magic.

a reaction picture of Jason Rea performing at a corporate event
Create a lasting impression by providing guests with Close-Up Magic

What to expect by choosing me? Apart from the highly professional and polished performance, the high level of skill and dexterity that has been perfected for over 20 years, you are getting a highly motivated, passionate, full time professional who knows his craft inside out, someone who knows how to perform, approach and carry out this wonderful art to get the best from people, ensuring they leave feeling like they have had the best evening they can possibly have had.

Typically for a dinner, awards-evening or to her corporate function, I believe its perfect to start performing as guests arrive to the venue. I can happily mingle around, help the photographer capture natural reactions, guests smiling and having fun all whilst I baffle, confuse and delight with my performance.

As guests are called into dinner, I like to liaise with whoever is running the catering and table staff. I find out the finalised running order, if there are any last minute additions such as extra speeches or grace and also fins out the serving order so I know which table to begin performing at first. Due to my vast experience, I know its perfect to perform for the tables who will be served last, to keep them occupied and then moving onto the tables who have finished eating therefore not to disrupt guests as they are eating.

My performance will come to an end after deserts when the final comfort break has been announced, before the rest of the evening continues such as speeches and awards.

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