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Magic + Business = Formula for success!

So you have an exhibition or trade show coming up. You want to look at a unique way of promoting your product, company message or brand out there to the world. You don't want to blow all your budget on promotional material or expensive stands. ever thought of Magic?

I have been booked on. numerous occasions to incorporate Magic within a company product, helping to naturally get the message across in a subtle but highly visual, memorable way. There is nothing quite as powerful as engaging your target audience with a unique experience while naturally introducing your new product without the hard sales talk that many wish to avoid. The power of Magic is how it creates a buzz, generates a crowd and grows interest from the very beginning which automatically creates interest around what is going on.

Recently I was invited to perform at a very special event in Harrogate, where the mission was to incorporate Magic into all things Harrogate. One of the objectives was to raise the social media engagement and in particular on Instagram where the following just wasn't there. I had brainstormed many ideas and one very creative outcome was to casually chat about the Instagram page and show it off to guests as I was performing. I then had a random picture selected by someone in the group and then plucked the image out from the phone into reality, right in front of everyones eyes. The response was great! engagement went up and up. The Instagram page was the talk of the evening and people demanded to see the effect as they wanted something unique to take home with them.

Now imagine your company is launching a new product and you want a way of showing it off in a memorable way. The same principle can apply using social media. Have you Instagram page shown and increase followers and engagement by having a random post chosen at random.... it just so happens they land on your new product. Instantly the image is plucked from the phone and into the hands of the spectator.

back at the office what will they talk about? the promotional pens and pencils? The countless stands that they looked at, the many flyers and brochures all crammed together in a promotional bag? or the moment a thought of item is produced from a phone right in front of their eyes.

This example is only one idea and is only scratching the surface of what can be achieved with careful thought and what makes this even better is how adaptable Magic can be to tie in with your business.

I recently posted this video on my LinkedIn account to talk a little more about this and witness this masterful moment of Magic! Enjoy!

For more information and to talk further about branding Magic for your business, get in touch and lets meet to discuss!

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