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Expectation vs Reality

If you are searching for a Close-Up Magician for your next event and if you have been looking at various websites at lots of different Magicians then you may be thinking what is the difference between each one. Its very easy to showcase what you do on a fancy website and present some ‘selfies’ with some famous faces but will what you are expecting live up to the reality of the performer?

A few days ago at a corporate function in London, I was told about a Magician who was hired for the companies trade show. It was vitally important for the company to engage with potential clients and present their services in the most professional way possible to gain some very large contracts. The company had don their research for a local Magician and had found someone who was seen along side the likes of Snoop Dog and various other celebrities. They assumed that this Magician was going to be amazing and so booked him for the full 2 days but the reality was he upset most potential clients with a vulgar performance, which embarrassed and infuriated a lot of people. He was asked not to return for the second day and was sent home. From there, the company had to work even harder to win back clients and it resulted in unnecessary stress and pressure, which ultimately lead to a memorable experience for all the wrong reasons.

From that moment, they decided to use my services and book me around the country at various events and venues knowing exactly what they would get.

Professionalism remains built in my DNA and has been from a very young age. I care an awful lot about people and have the upmost respect for everyone I meet. Its so important for me to be an extension of the team and help them with potential custom to help their business move forward.

As a full time Magician and regular worker all over the world, I have the experience to gage an audience and set my tempo and performance to suit each group. Not everyone likes to feel the centre of attention and so it is vital that the approach and material fits perfectly to create a relaxed and enjoyable experience. Not only this but I only use carefully selected material which will create jaw dropping moments, fits of laughter and create a positive and fun atmosphere, leaving people talking about the evening and praising you for a really exciting and memorable experience.

I always urge anyone who is thinking of booking me to see me in action, see and experience first hand how I perform, what material I present and see how good I am. I also urge everyone to see my Facebook and YouTube channel to view real footage of me in action and read reviews from people who have continued to use and recommend my services on a regular basis. Any good, professional, full time performer will be more than happy for you to meet for a chat, demonstration and discuss exactly how they can help your next event be the best yet.

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