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A Special Delivery

So Friday was just another Friday, its started with the school run, dropping my little boy Ronnie off at school. I then went to gather a few supplies for my show in the evening. The amount of lemons I go through I think I need to plant a Lemon tree in the garden!

I got home and started preparing my close-up case ready for the weekend and making sure all my props were in tip top condition and replacing anything that needed to be replaced.

I even got chance to catch up on some office work..... looking back, it was quite a productive day!

At around 11am, the postman came on his way and dropped off some mail for me. Now normally I expect my mail to either be a bill (I haven't quite been able to figure out to make those disappear yet) or a parcel with some props. However Friday was different.

I received an envelope addressed to me, handwritten. At first I thought it may be a signed contract as some clients like to deliver a hand signed contract rather than signing online.

When I opened the envelope, I pulled out this postcard:

Back in June 2019, I was invited to perform at Tom and Tamaras wedding at Home House. I remember this wedding particularly well as the venue was stunning with a large Tipee that looks incredible in the glowing sunshine. The views were spectacular and Tom and Tamara were both a delight. Their guests were great to perform for and it really was a joy to share with them my Magic on their special day.

The postcard they sent me had the following inside:

' Dear Jason

Just wanted to say thank you very much for your presence and performance at our wedding (Homme House)

Your Magic really contributed to making our event special. We have had so many positive comments from guests who really enjoyed your performance and having their minds boggled by your tricks.

You are simply spectacular and I really can't wait to see you again at one our friends weddings.

Love and Best Wishes

Mr and Mrs Nener

(Tom and Tamara) xxx '

lovely words from a lovely couple! this meant the world to me and I am so grateful for them to take the time to send me this. It certainly made my week!

Are you getting Married? Looking for something extra special and unique fro your big day?

Check out my Wedding Magic page which highlights all the reasons why Close-Up Magic works so well at weddings, when the best time to perform is and what value Magic can add to your big day.

For any further information, to discuss pricing and availability, please get in touch and I would be more than happy help!

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