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Party Magic

Everybody loves a party, however organising the perfect party is no easy task.

When it comes to entertainment, it is important to include a formula that will add the fun factor, keep guests talking, ensure that they are having a great time and prove its a party not to be missed or forgotten about. 

Introducing Close-Up Magic is the perfect icebreaker. Imagine your guests faces as they are captivated watching some of the finest sleight of hand magic, all while having fun right from the off. 

Jason has been booked for a variety of parties. From birthday celebrations to retirement parties and from graduation to leavers parties.

Jason has had the privilege of showcasing his talent all while engaging with his audience and creating ever lasting memories that will be cherished for years to come. 

Perfect for all ages whether young or old, let your guests be part of the action first hand and let them join in the magic and leave complimenting you for a great evening. 

Typically, Jason is asked to perform as guests arrive to the venue for approximately 2 hours. It is also popular for Jason to begin his performance after the buffet or hot supper is served ready to keep the atmosphere going well into the evening and before everyone hits the dance floor.

Small family gatherings at home? No problem at all! Jason is happy to perform at smaller more intimate settings, remember no party is too big or too small. 

Laraine Brown

“This guy is awesome... What a fab guy!"

Trish Kirk

"Brilliant! I thought Magicians were old hat until I saw Jason at a retirement party, amazing!!

Donna Whitehall

“...An amazing, lovely and genuine guy who wows any party. Would highly recommend”
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