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International Performances

Jason is proud and honoured to have been asked to perform all over the world at a variety of events and venues. Jason has been invited on numerous occasions to Bahrain and has been flown out to perform across Europe for important companies such as British Airways, Qatar and for clients including Sir Trevor Hemmings. 

Jason is more than happy to discuss international performances with you personally and help to maximise your event, ensuring it will be a huge hit by including the finest Close-up Magic.

Alexa Young, CA

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Morgan James, NY

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Lisa Driver, MI

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Close-Up Magic is the very few forms of entertainment that breaks through the language barrier meaning it can be enjoyed by everyone who gets to witness this incredible art. 

Jason's performances are direct, highly visual, easy to follow and contain impossible magic that will leave guests talking about your event for years to come. 

Producing thought of items from flashes of fire, vanishing objects in a cloud of smoke, watching the incredible speed and dexterity Jason has with a deck of cards, you will be scratching your head in true bemusement after laughing away at the magic taking place in front of your very eyes. 

With Television credits including MTV and Sky Sports, having Jason perform at your international event will create an ever firmer buzz and excitement and charge the atmosphere with sheer awe and delight at being a part of something very special. 

With repeat bookings for clients spanning over 15 years, being flown all over the world, you can trust you are booking the very best Close-Up Magician making your event the best yet.

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