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Dinner Magic

Jason has been the perfect choice to represent and entertain for some of the biggest companies in the UK.

He remains at the forefront in helping to create a positive, ever lasting impression for important clients and providing an experience like no other. 

Jason's skills are trusted time and time again to deliver the finest entertainment. He has been complemented on making sure everyone is at ease, enjoying an event as well as providing first class close-up magic for all those present. 

 Many companies return year after year to book Jason's award-winning magic and he is proud to represent many companies for over 7 years.

Jason has been flown around the world to prestigious events and venues proving he is the perfect entertainer to help with your next event. 


“Jason is superbly professional and completely mesmerising... The best entertainment out there"

Peter Holt

“He wowed us from day one.... he's absolutely fantastic at what he does"

Mick Kearns-Turner

The Ultimate Experience

The most popular package to utilise Jason's skills and maximise your evening leaving guests mesmerised and talking about your event long after its finished.


Jason will begin by mingling around during the drinks reception as guests arrive. This is the perfect ice breaker as guests settle into the evening, meeting and greeting each other before being lead into dinner. 


Its vital to create a comfortable and memorable start and magic contains the right ingredients to get guests talking, creating a positive atmosphere and getting guests in the mood to have a great night. Magic also creates the perfect talking point for guests to discuss especially if they have just met for the first time. 


As guests are called into dinner. Jason visits each table, performing his award-winning magic in between courses creating a dining experience like no other.


Providing guests with Magic during dinner ensures guests don't get restless as they wait to be served and ensures extra interest and visually stunning entertainment that will create a buzz like no other. 


Jason also provides a unique performance for the top table and leaves them with a very special souvineer that will be the talking point of the event for a long time after its finished. 


with over 10 years performing excellence  and experience with table Magic, this package is a must to creating the best possible evening with Close-Up Magic.  

The Silver Lining

The perfect package if you have a variety of acts performing throughout your evening or lots activity happening in between courses such as awards or speeches. 

Jason begins by performing as guests arrive to the venue, mingling from group to group ensuring the atmosphere is charged ready for a great night to begin. 

Perfect for breaking the ice with guests, creating fits of laughter, talking points and ensuring guests are relaxed from the beginning. 

As guests are called into dinner, Jason performs a very special routine for the top table, engaging with everyone, including lots of participation, which will have everyone captivated and feeling extra special before dinner is served. 

Perfect for impressing important clients or special guests present at your event. 

A Touch of


Perfect to add a touch of Magic to your evening 

Its so important to kick start your evening in the right way, so what better way than to allow Jason to perform his unique blend of close-up magic as guests start arriving to the venue. 

Jason will effortlessly engage with guests at the drinks reception, breaking the ice and ensuring everyone receives a warm welcome while enjoying Jason's masterclass of award winning magic.


Perfect for setting the tone of the evening, getting guests talking, creating a positive atmosphere and ensuing your evening is off with a bang and starts as it means to go on.  

Jason performs until guests are called to be seated ready to enjoy their dinner. 

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