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excellence from London To Bahrain

A Short Biography: 

Born on the 12th September 1988 in Preston, UK. Jason was growing up to become a very shy individual. Never wanting to step out of his comfort zone or do his own thing, his parents became concerned that his shyness would go onto affect him as he grew older and so wanted to help.

At the age of 8 Jason was introduced to The Little Players Drama School where he learnt the art of performance and came into his own. The shyness became a thing of the past, instead he thrived allowing his personality and talent  to shine for all to see. He had great success in various shows and moved onto television work appearing in adverts and popular soaps.


He became fixated on performing, creating shows at every opportunity. But he didn't see himself as an actor and certainly didn't see himself behind the scenes, he wanted to be something special, he wanted to stand out and showcase his talent to the world. 

When he was introduced to Magic as a child he loved the element of surprise, doing the impossible and making people question reality. To Jason, Magic was acting but with an extra element and extra skill. Performing Magic would mean standing out from the crowd at the same time as performing which is what he loves.

However it wasn't until a trip to New York City and seeing Close-Up Magic in front of his eyes did he then realise this was going to be his career.

Producing thought of objects from a flash of fire.. to vanishing items in a cloud of smoke

During school, Jason worked hard to learn every element he could of Magic. Sourcing the best material, practising well into the early hours day after day, night after night until he was happy that his act was as near to perfect as he could get. 

Magic remained a secret in school, instead he kept his head down, continued to practise until he felt he was ready to show the world what he could do. 

He used all his knowledge and experience from Drama School to create a performance and brought his personality deep into his act, creating a witty and charismatic persona that people enjoyed. 

Jason found motivation in people who came from nothing, who worked hard and proved the naysayers wrong. Even to this day Jason continues to watch, read and absorb as much knowledge as possible from successful people who  against the odds succeeded. 

Fast forward 20 years and now Jason is a full time, multi award-winning Close-Up Magician. He travels all over the UK and internationally showcasing his skills and making a difference to hundreds and hundreds of events each year. 

From producing thought of objects from a flash of fire, vanishing items in a cloud of smoke. Demonstrating his fine sleight of hand and witnessing first hand, up close and personal, his speed, rhythm and dexterity which has learnt him the right to be one of the most talked about and sort after Magicians in the UK. 

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